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Pressed Cane Patches
Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:39am

Sir, I have patched pressed cane with the understanding that color matching the patch to the original cane is next to impossible. I use hide glue to attach the patch and then attempt color match with Weavers Stain.
Mike Hefley
Murrells Inlet, SC

  • pressed cane patches J2DOC1, Fri Jul 13 12:47pm
    The owner of a curved back Chaise Lounge pressed cane chair does not want to spend the money to replace the entire cane back. Since there is only a small tear(from a table leg) measuring about 2" X... more
    • Patching prewoven cane JIm Widess, Sat Jul 14 7:10pm
      If the cane is not brittle or 100 years old, you should be able to patch a small hole. I'll overweave all the step 1's, and weave several intersections past the hole, then the step 2's, the 3's and... more
    • Pressed Cane Patches gm.hefley, Sat Jul 14 7:39am
    • pressed cae patches Patti Erickson, Sat Jul 14 6:10am
      Hi Jay, I've never had any luck patching. The hole always just gets bigger and bigger! I always tell my customers it's all or nothing. I guess you could try patching and let the customer know if it... more
      • Re: pressed cae patches Cathryn Peters, Sat Jul 14 2:46pm
        Jay, If the tear is that small, would there be any way your customer could just throw a shawl over it or cover with a pillow perhaps? As the others have stated, patching can be very difficult at... more
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