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Patching prewoven cane
Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:10pm

If the cane is not brittle or 100 years old, you should be able to patch a small hole. I'll overweave all the step 1's, and weave several intersections past the hole, then the step 2's, the 3's and then the 4's. Then the diagonals, step 5 and then step 6. Each time going several intersections past the hole. I find that being systematic saves time in the end. you could mix up the orders of #1-4 but save the diagonals untill after the grid is spliced. Do be consistent in keeping the new strands either on top of the old ones or beneath - try not to mix that up. For the most common weave (1/2") use fine for the splicing. Make sure the new cane is wet. Just lightly dampen the old cane. Too much water on the back of these older pieces sometimes destroys the cane. Maybe try oiling the old panel instead of getting it very wet.
Once you get going, splicing isn't that much harder than just weaving. But you have to pay attention. As mentioned in another comment, matching the color is next to impossible. I mix several colors of acrylic paint to get as close to a match as I'm able and dab that on the patched area, let it partially dry, then wipe and dab it so it doesn't look so fresh. Once I'm happy I'll hit the painted area with a light spray of clear lacquer.

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