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Cathryn Peters
Re: rush
Mon Jul 30, 2018 6:29am


Your name doesn't sound familiar are you new to the caning forum? Would you please introduce yourself and let us know what state you live in and also how long you've been weaving? And then in the future, please sign your posts with at least your name so we know how to address you.

Also have you done much rush seatweaving? Because if you have not, I think you should use either paper fibre or the pretwisted natural rush and not try to weave with the straw covered rush. As Jim said, it's difficult to work with.

The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters

  • rush nantaylor56, Sun Jul 29 9:09am
    I have been asked to repair 2 of 5 rush chairs from Pier One. The rush is a honey color and straw like. I have contacted Pier One and several other suppliers and can not find the material any where.... more
    • Re: rush Cathryn Peters, Mon Jul 30 6:29am
    • rush pictures nantaylor56, Sun Jul 29 9:16am
      • straw wrapped rush JIm Widess, Mon Jul 30 2:35am
        The Caning Shop has a similar pretwisted, straw wrapped grass. It's difficult to use but is very close in look.
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