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How to store materials
Tue Aug 7, 2018 12:12pm

Was wondering how people store their cane strands, cane webbing and natural and fiber rush. I have read in "The Caner's Handbook" that they should be stored in a cool, moist environment. How are these products stored before they are shipped to customers and does anyone store them in a garage with vast fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Jay Hirsch

    • re: how to store materials timtolzmann, Wed Aug 8 5:31pm
      Hi Jay, I would re-read The Caner's Handbook about that. I think you are mistaken about storing in a cool, moist environment. I don't think it reads that way. Tim Tolzmann Fairfield, Iowa
      • How to store materials JAY HIRSCH, Wed Aug 8 9:50pm
        Re-reading The Caner’s Handbook. Page 37 reads ...”Always store cane in a cool, slightly moist place to prevent its drying out”. So, do most of you keep it in a temperature controlled environment... more
        • Storing caning supplies, Thu Aug 9 5:15am
          Jay, I have a workspace above a garage that has huge fluctuations in temp and moisture levels. Cooks in Summer and freezes in winter. For the Summer I installed an exhaust fan on a timer. It is set... more
    • Storing Materials Lasilla, Wed Aug 8 8:15am
      I use plastic bins, they are not airtight but keep the materials fresh and organized. The vast fluctuations in humidity and temperature may cause mold and mildew so be wary about the garage storage.
      • Storing Cane gm.hefley, Thu Aug 9 6:37am
        It is not necessary to stoe cane in a cool, damp place. It can be restored to useable pliability by soaking in room temp water before use.
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