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How to store materials
Wed Aug 8, 2018 9:50pm

Re-reading The Caner’s Handbook. Page 37 reads ...”Always store cane in a cool, slightly moist place to prevent its drying out”.

So, do most of you keep it in a temperature controlled environment such as a home or business? I get the feeling it should not be stored in a garage even if it is in Tupperware type containers.

Jay Hirsch

  • re: how to store materials timtolzmann, Wed Aug 8 5:31pm
    Hi Jay, I would re-read The Caner's Handbook about that. I think you are mistaken about storing in a cool, moist environment. I don't think it reads that way. Tim Tolzmann Fairfield, Iowa
    • How to store materials JAY HIRSCH, Wed Aug 8 9:50pm
      • Storing caning supplies, Thu Aug 9 5:15am
        Jay, I have a workspace above a garage that has huge fluctuations in temp and moisture levels. Cooks in Summer and freezes in winter. For the Summer I installed an exhaust fan on a timer. It is set... more
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