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Storing caning supplies
Thu Aug 9, 2018 5:15am

I have a workspace above a garage that has huge fluctuations in temp and moisture levels. Cooks in Summer and freezes in winter.
For the Summer I installed an exhaust fan on a timer. It is set to run for one hour at 4am and again at 4 pm. This draws night air through in the morning and exhausts the hot afternoon air. Just moving that air twice a day solved any mildew issues for me.
My big shop is more of a problem. I run a dehumidifier in the Summer. Winter heat is drying but since I work in there and am soaking or spraying most days it seems to be ok. A humidifier would be a good idea if heat is on often enough to dry it out.
Jill Woods

  • How to store materials JAY HIRSCH, Wed Aug 8 9:50pm
    Re-reading The Caner’s Handbook. Page 37 reads ...”Always store cane in a cool, slightly moist place to prevent its drying out”. So, do most of you keep it in a temperature controlled environment... more
    • Storing caning supplies, Thu Aug 9 5:15am
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