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Mr. Stafford
Re: Weaving on folding aluminum frames
Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:46pm

Thank you for your response, Ms. Peters. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer formalities, so I prefer Mr. Stafford.

I did introduce myself when I joined last year. Here is the link to my introduction:;article=14452;search_term=Mr.+Stafford

I am aware that other materials are available for aluminum frames and that natural fibers do not stand up to outdoor use as well as synthetic ones. I am merely wondering if the frames can withstand the tension. It is because I have never seen it done that I am interested in trying it.

Not included in my original introduction is that I am 45 and from Southeastern Michigan. In that same post, I linked to a video of my first caning project. That link no longer works, so if anyone is interested, here is the working link to that video:

Sincerely and respectfully,
Mr. Stafford

  • Re: Weaving on folding aluminum frames Cathryn Peters, Wed Sep 19 6:39am
    Welcome to the chair caning forum Mr. Stafford! But could you please introduce yourself so we can know a bit about you? What state do you live in and what's your weaving experience been so far? Then... more
    • Re: Weaving on folding aluminum frames Mr. Stafford, Wed Sep 19 2:46pm
      • Re: Weaving on folding aluminum frames Cathryn Peters, Wed Sep 19 6:45pm
        I'm so sorry, I didn't remember your introduction, Mr. Stafford. What part of the country are you located in? And in response to your question about making a living from chair caning, many of us have ... more
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          Hello Cathryn, How brave of you to be thinking of downsizing! It will be such a wrench, but better you do it yourself to ensure that the "stuff" goes to an appreciative recipient! You say that you... more
          • Re: Re downsizing Cathryn Peters, Thu Sep 20 12:57pm
            Hi Brigitte, I hadn't thought of posting my supplies worldwide, but I guess that's possible. Thanks for the suggestion, when the time comes, I certainly will consider posting them here and on my... more
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