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Cathryn Peters
Re: forum upgrade
Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:44am


Let's talk about the future of this forum and TSWG support. As most of you know this forum was the only thing available in 2004 when I started it and for many, many years. But after the emergence of all the social networks, it's definitely cumbersome and harder to work with since we can't post pictures directly here.

The only thing I'm sorry to see go by the wayside are all the 13,000+ messages that are soooo informative and easy to access just by inputting the question in the search box! And to my knowledge, it's not possible to import all those threads into another format and I don't want to take that on, either.

If someone else wants to create a new forum that's up to them, but I will not be creating one myself. And if The SeatWeavers' Guild decides not to continue to support this forum as it is, I will shut it down and move on.

The Wicker Woman--Cathryn Peters

  • forum upgrade, Tue Sep 25 8:27am
    This forum is not supported by the SeatWeavers' Guild,Inc As current President of the Guild I try to listen to all suggestions presented here. Cathryn has done an awesome job of managing this forum... more
    • Re: forum upgrade Cathryn Peters, Thu Oct 11 7:44am
      • Forum future, Thu Oct 11 8:02am
        Hi Cathryn. I think I stated earlier that I would have the board discuss the future support of this forum. I totally agree that I would not want to loose all of this valuable info. I also see a huge... more
    • forum, Tue Sep 25 8:28am
      oops that should have read NOW supported by the Guild Typo Jill Woods
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