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Forum future
Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:02am

Hi Cathryn. I think I stated earlier that I would have the board discuss the future support of this forum.
I totally agree that I would not want to loose all of this valuable info.
I also see a huge plus in the question and answer format of this forum. It works really well for that. So it is not without it’s positive sides.

I do not plan to make any recommendations for a quick change so any opinions and comments about this subject are most welcome. We have time to make an informed and hopefully correct transition...or leave it be.

Let’s just see what happens for now.

  • Re: forum upgrade Cathryn Peters, Thu Oct 11 7:44am
    Jill, Let's talk about the future of this forum and TSWG support. As most of you know this forum was the only thing available in 2004 when I started it and for many, many years. But after the... more
    • Forum future, Thu Oct 11 8:02am
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