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Forum suggestion
Thu Nov 8, 2018 9:38pm

Hello Mr Stafford- I had a discussion tonight with other Board members of The Seatweavers' Guild about the relevancy of the Forum today in comparison with a Facebook page. We all felt that Facebook certainly offers an easy way to post pictures and share what you are doing, but some of us also thought the Forum serves a different purpose to different users. It allows for more detailed discussion and sharing of information. The archives on the Forum have some great information, but it is often not that easy to find. I think it would be really helpful if you could explore the format of the woodcarving illustrated site and possibly set a sample up. We also wondered if we could keep the past posts from this site if we were to switch to a different site. I think this site may not be getting as much traffic as it used to, but I still think it serves a good purpose. And if there were a way to archive the old posts into searchable categories, it would help future and current users get what they are looking for. And if anyone is interested in membership information for The Seatweavers' Guild send me a meessage!

  • Forum Suggestion Mr. Stafford, Mon Sep 24 12:55am
    I find this forum extremely helpful and useful, but, I must admit, it is a bit difficult for me to follow. I belong to several online forums and they all use a very friendly format (here is one... more
    • Forum suggestion Rhonda Voos-Membership Chair/Sea, Thu Nov 8 9:38pm
    • Forum Suggestion Patti Erickson, Wed Sep 26 5:45am
      Here is my two cents, for what it is worth. I know everyone is not a member of the Seatweavers' Guild, but I tend to post all my questions and photos now on the Seatweavers' Guild Group Facebook... more
    • Re: Forum Suggestion Robin Starr, Tue Sep 25 4:01pm
      I think another factor to consider here is that the needs of this audience have changed. In the beginning the questions and comments were more rudimentary than they are today. Many of us are now more ... more
    • forum upgrade, Tue Sep 25 8:27am
      This forum is not supported by the SeatWeavers' Guild,Inc As current President of the Guild I try to listen to all suggestions presented here. Cathryn has done an awesome job of managing this forum... more
      • Re: forum upgrade Cathryn Peters, Thu Oct 11 7:44am
        Jill, Let's talk about the future of this forum and TSWG support. As most of you know this forum was the only thing available in 2004 when I started it and for many, many years. But after the... more
        • Forum future, Thu Oct 11 8:02am
          Hi Cathryn. I think I stated earlier that I would have the board discuss the future support of this forum. I totally agree that I would not want to loose all of this valuable info. I also see a huge... more
      • forum, Tue Sep 25 8:28am
        oops that should have read NOW supported by the Guild Typo Jill Woods
    • Forum Suggestion gm.hefley, Tue Sep 25 6:38am
      I agree that if possible, the format of the forum could use some updating. George Hefley Murrells Inlet, SC
    • Mr. Stafford/Forum Suggestion timtolzmann, Mon Sep 24 11:45pm
      Cathryn, what do you think? I've really been turned off to any attempt to find past posts beyond about twenty-four hours, because it seems virtually impossible to find what I might like.
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