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Shellac on Fiber Rush
Wed Dec 19, 2018 7:31pm

I am working on a set of 4 Ladder Back Dining Room Chair seats. I am replacing the Fiber Rush Seats. The Fiber Rush was previously Shellaced with a very thick coat. All of the strands were stuck together as if they were “glued”. The top of the seat strands have also been flattened. Has anyone run across this? Does it shorten the life of the Fiber Rush?

    • Shellac on fiber rush gm.hefley, Thu Dec 20 6:18am
      Heavy shellac doesn’t shorten life. If anything, it extends the life. I imagine that there are several coats of shellac applied over many years to achieve the look you see and the strands have... more
      • Re: Shellac on fiber rush JAY HIRSCH, Thu Dec 20 10:00pm
        I have been looking at Marine Spar Varnishes. There seems to be quite a variety, the components seem to determine the price. Is it worth paying the extra price for a Epifanes which contains tung oil... more
        • Marine Spar Varnish gm.hefley, Sat Dec 22 8:51am
          I use only a couple brands. McCloskey Man O War Spar Marine Varnish and AP-66 Marine Spar Varnish. Both have UV protection. Gloss finish for both. The Man O War runs $25 per qt. and the AP-66 is $20... more
          • polyurethane (varnish) on fibre rush timtolzmann, Mon Dec 31 9:33am
            I had to quit working for my father in 1972 because of polyurethane vapor(s). Permanent brain and central nervous system damage--State of California; not to mention it dissolves the inhalation valves ... more
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