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Re: Shellac on fiber rush
Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:00pm

I have been looking at Marine Spar Varnishes. There seems to be quite a variety, the components seem to determine the price. Is it worth paying the extra price for a Epifanes which contains tung oil and at least some phenolic resins and UV inhibitors or to go with the less expensive System Three, MinWax, Rust-Oleum which contain Linseed Oil and Polyurethane?

  • Shellac on fiber rush gm.hefley, Thu Dec 20 6:18am
    Heavy shellac doesn’t shorten life. If anything, it extends the life. I imagine that there are several coats of shellac applied over many years to achieve the look you see and the strands have... more
    • Re: Shellac on fiber rush JAY HIRSCH, Thu Dec 20 10:00pm
      • Marine Spar Varnish gm.hefley, Sat Dec 22 8:51am
        I use only a couple brands. McCloskey Man O War Spar Marine Varnish and AP-66 Marine Spar Varnish. Both have UV protection. Gloss finish for both. The Man O War runs $25 per qt. and the AP-66 is $20... more
        • polyurethane (varnish) on fibre rush timtolzmann, Mon Dec 31 9:33am
          I had to quit working for my father in 1972 because of polyurethane vapor(s). Permanent brain and central nervous system damage--State of California; not to mention it dissolves the inhalation valves ... more
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