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polyurethane (varnish) on fibre rush
Mon Dec 31, 2018 9:33am

I had to quit working for my father in 1972 because of polyurethane vapor(s). Permanent brain and central nervous system damage--State of California; not to mention it dissolves the inhalation valves on some (at least it did on mine)respirators. (The vapor does when inhaled durning normal use.) So the respirator stopped functioning--the valve stuck to the housing of the respirator. I tried to clean the residue from the housing with solvent, but even though it seemed I got the dissolved membrane (inhalation valve) gunk off of the housing, and the housing seemed (looked, and felt to the touch) undamaged, when new valves were installed they stuck to the housing. So it destroyed the respirator which cost about $50 in 1986 I believe. The instruction with the respirator said not to use with polyurethane vapor, but I worked in a cabinet shop in 1989 whose proprietor said that he was told on the telephone when he wanted to buy a respirator for polyurethane fumes that (apparently the one he bought and had me use) is/was impervious to the valve melting I mentioned above. He (the cabinet maker) told me about that later. Fine Furniture Restoration Timothy R. Tolzmann, Fairfield, Iowa, USA

  • Marine Spar Varnish gm.hefley, Sat Dec 22 8:51am
    I use only a couple brands. McCloskey Man O War Spar Marine Varnish and AP-66 Marine Spar Varnish. Both have UV protection. Gloss finish for both. The Man O War runs $25 per qt. and the AP-66 is $20... more
    • polyurethane (varnish) on fibre rush timtolzmann, Mon Dec 31 9:33am
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