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Aging cane
Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:22am

If the old cane is grayed not just naturally darkened I use a rust bath to age the cane.
Sometimes a combination of rust bath and stain gives an aged match. You can test a stteand or two first.

A bucket of war we and some rusty nails or metal is all you need. That the metal pieces sit in the water till it is good and rusty. Put the reed in to soak. Check it for color until you get the desired result. I have been able to match very old weathered reed this way.

Otherwise we mix stains until a color match is attained and brush on, blending the old and new. I use a small brush to stain the new reed then take a clean bigger brush to go over the area to work the stain into the crevices and blend into the old reed. The clean brush moves the stain discreetly without adding more stain. I work with a brush in each hand, dab on stain then scrub with the clean brush.

Jill Woods

  • Re: how to make flat reed appear old Cathryn Peters, Sat Jan 12 6:26pm
    Hi Dick, You can dye the reed using Rit or some other type of dye and get a grey weathered look rather easily! Be sure to "set" the dye using either their fixative or vinegar. Here's the Rit Dye link ... more
    • Aging cane, Sun Jan 13 5:22am
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