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Medallion back query
Wed Jan 23, 2019 6:30am

Hi everyone, I do caning as a pastime and have done lots of 7 step chairs and also a rising sun chair so I feel fairly confident. However, I am now recaning a medallion back chair. I have completed steps 1 and 3 (the cane goes into holes around the perimeter and also through the medallion.) So far, so good. I have done the outer parts of step 2 which start and finish in the perimeter as they are near the corners. But am unsure how to create the concentric circles of steps 2 and 4 which surround the medallion and don't go into any holes. My book (Caner's Handbook)says 'each strand makes a complete circle and ends by overlapping itself past several intersections'. This doesn't tell me how to create neat ends as none of the ends go through holes so cannot be tied off in the usual manner at the back. I'd appreciate advice on what to do with the cane ends of steps 2 and 4? Many thanks, Jane

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