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painting binding cane
Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:20pm

I have just gotten 3 porch rockers that are painted white. I'm going to use binder cane to replace the seats and the backs with a herringbone weave. The customer wants the cane to be white also, which just makes me sick, so I need some feed back on what type of paint should I reluctantly use and should I seal with what before and/or after.

    • Painting binder cane Back Porch Caning - Joyce Curtis, Thu Mar 28 5:25am
      Know when to say, "No, I am a Weaver." Weave it and let them judge. A customer asked me to weave one that had been painted but we both loved the natural cane.The binder will look beautiful even... more
      • painting binding cane Ed & Cindy - Peerless Rattan, Thu Mar 28 7:05am
        Nan, I agree with Joyce's post. We have never stained or colored cane. We gently tell customers that we are professional weavers, but we are not experienced at staining or painting. We suggest that... more
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