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Repair or replace
Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:05pm

I have repaired quite a few caned chairs. It’s mostly the backs and have not had any problems.
The key is to charge accordingly , some chairs like French caned are very expensive to have replaced.
So sometimes it’s less expensive to have them repaired.
It is a pain in the behind. Just charge accordingly and you’ll have a happy customer
And your profit margin should be the same if not better.
I can also do expert touch ups on the cane , and that’s half the battle.
I very rarely repair seats ,only on very old chairs.

Dennis. American Caning company

  • Repair or Replace gm.hefley, Wed Apr 24 1:19am
    I have tried in the past to weave in strands to repair small spots of damage and found that though it can be done, that its just better looking and stronger to replace the whole seat. I don’t make... more
    • Repair or replace dhumph202, Fri Apr 26 4:05pm
      • French Cane Vicky Perron, Wed May 1 7:58am
        Hi Dennis! Hopefully the skill to repair will come in time. I'm going to have to research French cane! My first weave (and only so far) is a Drucker French Bistro chair. Have you ever worked on one?
    • Replace Anonymous, Wed Apr 24 3:57am
      Same as Hefley, I never repair, it's time consuming, there is a color difference, and if one part of the cane is breaking you can bet the rest of the seat is getting ready to go. Good luck.
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