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Sat Jun 8, 2019 5:46am

Peerless Rattan carries natural, pretwisted rush. Great folks.


  • cattails or bulrush reeds nantaylor56, Fri Jun 7 5:20pm
    I have a customer who would like to have her chair rushed with the original material which is natural cattails/bulrush.Not having a lot of luck finding it to purchase so does anyone know of a source? ... more
    • Re: cattails or bulrush reeds The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peter, Sun Jun 9 9:13am
      Nan, If you are talking about hand-twisted cattail rush, the only current suppliers are The Caning Shop and H.H. Perkins. They, along with several other great suppliers are listed on my Cane & Basket ... more
      • cattails or bulrush reed Patti Erickson, Mon Jun 10 4:39am
        Hi Cathryn, Since we're on the subject. I found a local fellow chair weaver that knows how to do cattail rush seats. She is going to show me how to weave a seat. You had mentioned on one of your... more
        • Re: cattails or bulrush reed The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peter, Mon Jun 10 7:06am
          Hi Patti, No Patti, now is not the time to gather cattail leaves. Check out my how-to videos on my site and also on my Instagram feed to learn all about gathering, processing and using cattail leaves ... more
    • bulrush lasallecraft, Sat Jun 8 5:46am
    • Natural Rush Anonymous, Sat Jun 8 3:52am
      There are several good video's on you tube. Here's a few suppliers, I use Frank's. more
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