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Re: cattails or bulrush reeds
Sun Jun 9, 2019 9:13am


If you are talking about hand-twisted cattail rush, the only current suppliers are The Caning Shop and H.H. Perkins. They, along with several other great suppliers are listed on my Cane & Basket Supplies Directory™.

I have a three-part video series on hand-twisted cattail and bulrush on my Youtube channel and on my website that was taken at the 2011 Gathering of The SeatWeavers' Guild, Inc.®. It's not exactly a step-by-step but more of a demonstration or presentation giving you all the basics. How-to-Weave-Hand-twisted Natural Rush

There are a couple videos already on Youtube that show how to do the weaving, but I would highly suggest you purchase books that you can keep in your personal reference library. These four are the ones I highly recommend: and are also listed on the Seatweaving FAQ page of my website:

Chair Seating: Techniques in Cane, Rush, Willow and Cords by Johnson, Barratt and Butcher

The Craft of Chair Seat Weaving with Cane, Rush, Splint and Rope by George Sterns

The Caner's Handbook by Jim Widess and Bruce Miller

Seatweaving (Practical Crafts) by Ricky Holdstock

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  • cattails or bulrush reeds nantaylor56, Fri Jun 7 5:20pm
    I have a customer who would like to have her chair rushed with the original material which is natural cattails/bulrush.Not having a lot of luck finding it to purchase so does anyone know of a source? ... more
    • Re: cattails or bulrush reeds The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peter, Sun Jun 9 9:13am
      • cattails or bulrush reed Patti Erickson, Mon Jun 10 4:39am
        Hi Cathryn, Since we're on the subject. I found a local fellow chair weaver that knows how to do cattail rush seats. She is going to show me how to weave a seat. You had mentioned on one of your... more
        • Re: cattails or bulrush reed The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peter, Mon Jun 10 7:06am
          Hi Patti, No Patti, now is not the time to gather cattail leaves. Check out my how-to videos on my site and also on my Instagram feed to learn all about gathering, processing and using cattail leaves ... more
    • bulrush lasallecraft, Sat Jun 8 5:46am
      Peerless Rattan carries natural, pretwisted rush. Great folks. Andy
    • Natural Rush Anonymous, Sat Jun 8 3:52am
      There are several good video's on you tube. Here's a few suppliers, I use Frank's. more
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