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The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peter
Re: Learning new patterns
Mon Jun 24, 2019 4:18pm

I don't believe we have anyone else in Deleware but there are several weavers in nearby states, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia. You can check on the Furniture Repair Directory on my site at to see who all is around you. Be sure to check all four categories: Upholstery, Chair Caning, Refinishing and Wicker.

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The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters

  • Re: Learning new patterns The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peter, Mon Jun 24 9:13am
    Hi John, Welcome and thanks for introducing yourself to us, John. What state are you located in? We might be able to point you to a fellow seat weaver if we knew that. Happy to hear we have another... more
    • Re: Learning new patterns The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peter, Mon Jun 24 4:18pm
    • Re: Learning new patterns Anonymous, Mon Jun 24 1:30pm
      Hi Cathryn. I did find to pamphlets Ideas Of The Experienced Caner I & II by Peterka that I ordered from H.H. Perkins, so that should give me a start. I am located in "Slower Lower Delaware" Lewes... more
      • Learning New Patterns Patti Erickson, Tue Jun 25 5:14am
        Hi John, Just an FYI, this forum will no longer be available after October of this year. You might want to join the Seatweavers' Guild. This will give you access to a great number of Seatweaver's and ... more
        • Re: Learning New Patterns Anonymous, Wed Jun 26 4:58am
          Hi Patti, I will look into those groups esp. the guild, I like discussion picking peoples brains to learn new things. In todays mail I will be getting two pamphlets by Peterka, looking forward to... more
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