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Pictures of Cracker Barrel Chairs?
Sun Jul 23, 2006 1:39pm (XFF:

Are these the Cracker Barrel chairs everyone's been talking about for ages? I received four of them from my daughter who would like to have me reweave them for her.

They seem to be very cheaply made with set-in seats that are screwed onto the frame with two (count them!) screws. The grass used to weave with is partially wrapped with a gold colored material. Is it "straw"? I started to take off the seat before I remembered to take pictures, sorry.

The gals over in England were saying they do straw wrapped grass seats, using the rush pattern quite often. Looks too difficult for me to want to spend my time doing, when I can buy it already wrapped from the suppliers. What do ya'll think?

The Wicker Woman/Cathryn Peters/Angora, MN

    • French straw wrapped rush Kim - Former Glory, Mon Jul 24 5:16am
      Hi Cathryn! It is a french straw wrapped rush seat. They use a sedge interior and overwrap it with long golden rye straw. You can get this material pre-twisted - we stock it in antique gold colour so ... more
      • Shipping costs from England Cathryn Peters, Mon Jul 24 5:56am
        Kim, Do you know what the cost would be to ship some materials over here? I for one, would really like to get some of your colored verigated tan/green paper fibre rush. It's not available to us... more
        • Re: Shipping costs from England Kim, Wed Jul 26 2:53am
          The full bobbins of paper we have weigh between 7-8 kilos, (about 16lbs) each, so the shipping cost is horrendous. Most of the time if we know anyone who is visiting the US, or coming here from the... more
      • Straw Wrapped Cathryn Peters, Mon Jul 24 5:50am
        Thanks so much Kim for the explanation and the picture, I thought I was dealing with straw wrapped grass, but not sure. Not too much call for it here in the States until fairly recently, within the... more
    • Picture Cracker Barrel Chairs Cliff Pair, Sun Jul 23 11:25pm
      Cathryn. The pictures.That is wrapped straw or wheat straw.The wrapping is a single strand of a wide blade grass,maybe a blade of wheat wrapped around strands of sea grass.I have seen a few that the... more
    • Cracker Barrel Chairs James, Sun Jul 23 3:44pm
      No, Cathryn, those are not Cracker Barrel chairs. Cracker Barrel chairs are high back porch rockers with fibre rush seats and backs. My sister-in-law has some chairs like your pictures. I think she... more
      • Not Cracker Barrel Chairs? Cathryn Peters, Sun Jul 23 3:54pm
        Drat James, here I thought I was on to something. So the Crackel Barrel chairs are not chairs at all, but rather the rocking chairs with the rush seats and backs, huh? Made with synthetic plastic... more
        • Cracker Barrel Rest. James, Mon Jul 24 12:36pm
          Carhryn, you have missed a treat by not having been to a Cracker Barrel. The food is wonderful, Atmosphere is great if there are not a bunch of rug rats, and the prices are very reasonable. I guess... more
        • cracker barrel chairs karen scott, Mon Jul 24 10:39am
          fyi there is a rocker on the first page at cracker barrel .com -k
        • Cracker Barrel James, Sun Jul 23 4:26pm
          They have fibre rush seata and backs. They just don't do the rush weave. They just wrap it to make it look like it's woven.
          • Cracker Barrel rockers B. Newman, Sun Jul 23 9:12pm
            The Cracker Barrel rockers are completely "dis-assembly-able" (if that's a word.) In other words, you can buy them in a box and assemble them yourself. James is right, the seats and backs aren't... more
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