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Re: corn shucks
Mon Sep 3, 2007 8:50am (XFF:

no sweet corn ! OH SHUCKS !

Guess I better go find me a friendly farmer.


  • corn shucks Shirley, Mon Sep 3 8:09am
    I'm just horning in here, but I'm pretty sure Mindy said no sweet corn, it has to be field corn.
    • collecting Mindy King, Mon Sep 3 10:12am
      thats right, sweet corn won't make it. You want to get into a field of feed/field corn just before it's combined. Claudia said she wears a belt and ties a "garbage" bag over each hip if the ear of... more
      • collecting corn husks timtolzmann, Sun Mar 12 11:58pm
        Mindy, is sweet corn husk too easily torn to weave? It is a more refined item than field corn.
    • Re: corn shucks Jill, Mon Sep 3 8:50am
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