Mon Sep 3, 2007 10:12am (XFF:

thats right, sweet corn won't make it. You want to get into a field of feed/field corn just before it's combined. Claudia said she wears a belt and ties a "garbage" bag over each hip if the ear of corn comes off with the shucks she puts it in one bag to give back to the farmer while the other bag is filled with the shucks. I've also heard that if the farmer doesn't put the "shredder" on the combine the shucks may be fit for weaving.

The outer most shuck is too tough but the rest of the shucks. even the ones right next to the ear are fine for weaving. The shucks are dry enough right from the stalk (unless it just rained) and they need to be kept dry as midew damages them quickly. they could also be picked a little green and spread out for a day or 2.

I'll have to talk to Claudia to see how many bags are needed for a chair


  • corn shucks Shirley, Mon Sep 3 8:09am
    I'm just horning in here, but I'm pretty sure Mindy said no sweet corn, it has to be field corn.
    • collecting Mindy King, Mon Sep 3 10:12am
      • collecting corn husks timtolzmann, Sun Mar 12 11:58pm
        Mindy, is sweet corn husk too easily torn to weave? It is a more refined item than field corn.
    • Re: corn shucks Jill, Mon Sep 3 8:50am
      no sweet corn ! OH SHUCKS ! Guess I better go find me a friendly farmer. Thanks Jill
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