Rush on Windsor chair
Wed Nov 12, 2008 12:43pm (XFF:

Hi Mindy- I happen to have a very similar chair at the moment. These are tough to do. I have been advised by several furniture repair people to not take the chair apart to do it. They are very tricky to reglue correctly. What I have done in the past with similar rush chairs is just do them "as is". This means pulling the rush carefully thru the slots. Most of these Windsor rush seats have only one slot in the back. Yours and mine have three slots, although on mine, the side slots are open toward the front and I can slide the rush in. With the one I'm working on now, I found that the back slot was so tight I couldn't get the new rush down it. What I am doing is taking a chisel and very carefully making the slot a little wider on top and on the bottom. I'm not touching the finished edge of the slot, but the unfinihsed part that will be underneath the rush. You could also try sanding it a bit. If you want any more detail or advise on this you can email me directly at or call me days at 203-776-6310. Good luck! Rhonda

  • pictures are up Mindy King - the chair weaver, Tue Nov 11 1:58pm
    Cathryn has the pictures up at The sides have quite an S curve and fortunately the owner wants fiber rush. Mindy
    • Rush on Windsor chair Rhonda Voos, Wed Nov 12 12:43pm
      • Re: Rush on Windsor chair Mindy King - the chair weaver, Thu Nov 13 10:13pm
        Avoiding a glue-up was not an option as the only thing holding the seat together were the back and screws. I used a woodworking band clamp around the seats edge (the way a barrel is coopered) and all ... more
        • S-curve sides on rush chairs The Wicker Woman, Thu Nov 13 11:41pm
          Mindy, There's an old trick I've been using since the late 1970s to make sure your rush doesn't slip on the S-curves or curved rails of any kind on a rush chair seat. Just use a rat-tail or small... more
      • Rush on Windsor ddick, Thu Nov 13 6:23am
        I make the third one who is working on the same type of chair. My chair has only one slot in the back. It also has one spindle on on each side that goes from the arm to the seat. I too removed the... more
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