Water Spots on Shellac Rush seats
Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:43am

Now I am confused. For many years (30+) I used varnish on rush seats. My main complaints were that it greatly darkened the seats and produced rough texture seats. At last year's gathering I admired Al's rush seats and he said he used shellac. I have done several with Zinsser Shellac with excellent results. I never dreamed of water spots until reading these posts. When I was using varnish I used mostly semigloss but regardless of the finish, they always seemed to darken a lot and end up being rough.
How do you get looks, smooth finish, and durability?

David W. Dick
"My first name is David".

  • Water Spots on Shellac Rush Seats The Wicker Woman, Mon Mar 22 3:02pm
    Mindy, The Zinsser shellac I used was brand new, never been opened and bought from a paint store a day or so before I used it and the seats still water spotted. They were sitting in my shop and were... more
    • Water Spots on Shellac Rush seats ddick, Tue Mar 23 9:43am
    • Re: Water Spots on Shellac Rush Seats Mindy King - the chair weaver, Mon Mar 22 9:02pm
      there are more water resistant finishes than shellac but if water spills are wiped up white spots shouldn't develop. this is one more bit of care information that should be passed to rush customers... more
      • Re: Water Spots on Shellac Rush Seats The Wicker Woman, Wed Mar 24 9:45am
        Hahaha! And I was just going to revisit the use of shellac! The Wicker Woman-Cathryn Peters http://www.WickerWoman.com/pricing-charges
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