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Jason Rusk
Sat Aug 8, 2015 13:42

Mr. Garland,

I would highly reach out to Brad Quinlin @ He is an amazing man who is very familiar with the Mississippi units - I am honored to be his friend. He recently gave a tour to a family with a Mississippi ancestor who was shot in the forehead at Tunnel Hill. And through his research was able to determine the very approximate spot at which he was killed. He also identified 350 Confederate soldiers who were buried in "Unknown" graves in Marietta Confederate Cemetery. And through his research the city built 4 engraved granite walls with their names on it and a beautiful statue of a "Silent Sentinel" to watch over them. I was honored to be part of the ceremony and it is something I'll remember the rest of my life. Please feel free to reach out to me directly. Best Wishes!

Here are two articles - one from the Army Times and another from Marietta Daily Journal:

  • Samuel G. W. GarlandLarry Garland, Wed Jul 29 11:31
    My great grandfather Samuel G. W. Garland was a private in the Mississippi 17th Infantry Regiment and died from wounds inflicted during the battle at Chickamauga. I'm trying to locate his final... more
    • Grandfather — Jason Rusk, Sat Aug 8 13:42
      • Samuel G. W. GarlandLarry Garland, Sat Aug 8 14:53
        Mr. Rusk, Thanks so much for the information. I've emailed Mr. Quinlin and anxiously await his reply. I've also visited the two links you provided and enjoyed reading the information. Thanks again... more
    • 17th Mississippi / Chickamauga DeadTony Patton, Wed Aug 5 15:15
      Mr. Garland, After the war, Mary Green of Resaca, Georgia was in charge of removing the dead from the Chickamauga battlefield and moving them to Marietta (just north of Atlanta). Land had been... more
      • Re: 17th Mississippi / Chickamauga DeadAnonymous, Wed Aug 5 15:44
        Mr. Patton, Thanks for your response. I looked at the Marietta Confederate Cemetery Web page and saw the same things that you saw. I'm hoping that Samuel G. W. Garland will be found and his final... more
        • Print CompleteTony Patton, Tue Aug 25 12:33
          Mr. Garland I've attached an image from Mary Green's journal showing a listing for a soldier of the 17th Mississippi - a Corporal in what appears to be Company I but no name listed. I saw no listing... more
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