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Re: Clothes/ gear
Thu Feb 9, 2017 21:22

I still have everything left... My shoes are the same as today's sizes... 10.5 I am 5'11 and medoum build.. everything fits that siza
I live in Canton, GA

  • Clothes/ gearjosh Cochran, Thu Feb 9 13:38
    Still have anything left? What size are you and what do you have in clothing. Also do the shoe sizes today run about the same as your brogan size
    • Re: Clothes/ gear — Anonymous, Thu Feb 9 21:22
      • Clothes/ gearJosh swanson Cochran , Fri Feb 10 05:42
        I wear a 9.5 and I'm 5'8 it may work. Is there some way you can send me some photos. I can give you my number and email. Which ever works for you. Show me what you got and give me some prices. If we... more
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