Mary Grace Ezell
2 crypts for sale in Westview Abbey Mausoleum Atlanta
Mon May 20, 2019 15:51 (XFF:

It occurred to me that perhaps some one of your members would be interested in buying the last 2 side-by-side crypts in Atlanta's Westview Cemetery Abbey Mausoleum Garden. The cemetery was established in the early 1880's and is considered one of the historic resting places of the nation. The Abbey was built in 1943. My grandfather bought 8 crypts for himself and my grandmother and his three children and their spouses in the Garden overlooking the fields. My parents chose not to use them and neither will I. But I thought someone with a deep interest in Civil War history might chose Westview because there are graves of many soldier participants who had survived the war as well as ordinary citizens who had survived the burning of Atlanta. Because this is the last pair in the Garden it is an unique opportunity. These are posted both on Facebook and Craigslist. An image of white roses marks the listing. On Facebook go to Marketplace, put in Atlanta, 6 mi radius, browse, crypts. On Craigslist Atlanta search for 6833411748. The zip code is 30310 if you need it. I would like to see someone who appreciates the place to have them.

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