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Thinking about a brother or sister?
Mon May 20, 2013 3:06pm

HI there all! Its been a long time since I have chatted to you guys, but just wanted to say a quick hello!
Bailey is now 4, and loving life!
I just would like everyone opinion please on adopting another doggie!!
I would love Bailey to have a brother or sister Labradoodle, but everyone is telling me it would be too much trouble!?
I adopted Bailey, so would be happy to adopt again!
Here is Bailey!!

    • YES YES YESMarian, Tue May 21 2:40pm
      Hi Teena I have had two rescues now + Ralph. Monty,well, he was just the love of my life, he was such a gentle old boy. I had him for five years and he and Ralph were the best of mates. Just like two ... more
      • Adopting a brother or sisterTeena, Tue May 21 2:50pm
        Thank you for your answer Marian. I suppose I am a little concerned as hubby and I are trying for a baby, and people think that its going to be hard enough with 1 dog, let alone 2!?? But I seem to... more
    • addition to the family!?teena, Tue May 21 11:27am
      Sorry - Did this message work!? its been a while!? haha
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