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Re: Cushing's Syndrome
Fri Jun 21, 2013 11:00am

Cushing's syndrome occurs when excess cortisol is produced. Usually seen in older small dogs.
Clinical signs include: drink large amounts, urinate frequently, eat ravenously, have "pot belly", thin skin and hair loss, develope muscle wasting and be lethargic. Hermione's liver is also extremely enlarged.
Poodles are on the list for being prone to Cushing's syndrome.
We noticed changes in Hermione since she was desexed 6 months ago as an older dog. The vet has told us it could be what bought it on.
We never would have had the surgery done if we had known she was in such a high risk bracket. We have also been warned by the vet that she could develope diabetes as well now.

  • Cushing's SyndromeRobyn , Wed Jun 19 5:01pm
    Today Hermione was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome. Tomorrow we start daily medication, that will last for the rest of her life. Has anybody else's Spoodle developed Cushing's Syndrome?, if you... more
    • Re: Cushing's Syndrome — Anonymous, Fri Jun 21 11:00am
      • thanksmary v, Fri Jun 21 4:13pm
        Thanks for sharing that info that's sounds pretty bad, shoudn't the vet explained this to you before you went ahead, ive never had my spoody desexed the vet asks me every year when I get his annual... more
        • Cushing's syndromeRobyn, Sat Jun 22 10:55pm
          I have tried to find more formation on the link between desexing an older female dog and Cushing's, but haven't had much luck. Apart from it is more common in desexed small female dogs around the age ... more
          • Cushing's syndromespoodles.queensland2011, Mon Jun 24 8:25am
            Roybn, this is so sad. I hope your girl has a speedy recovery.
            • Re: Cushing's syndromeRobyn, Mon Jun 24 11:48am
              It is sad. We are also grateful that it is something that can be managed, so we should get a few more good years with our girl. The information I've been able to find so far indicates it can also be... more
    • Re: Cushing's SyndromeMary V, Thu Jun 20 7:34pm
      Ive never heard of that what is it and how did or does that happen ? all the best with your spoody -)
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