Sally Drage
William Matthews
Sun Jan 24, 2016 5:57pm

PS The two HTI tunes called Tranquility aren't the Matthews one.


  • William Matthews 1759-1830
    cbrowo, Fri Jan 22 10:27pm
    Has anyone done any work on William Matthews (b. Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, 1759; d. Nottingham, England, 1830)? I have come across two tunes attributed to him and am trying to confirm the... more
    • William Matthews
      Sally Drage, Sun Jan 24 5:57pm
      • Tranquility (HTI 16723) maybe by Marsden
        David Welch, Sun Jan 24 9:03pm
        In Bayley & Ferguson`s Old Scottish Psalm Tunes (1905) this Tranquility, HTI 16723 and LM extended, is said to be composed by Joseph Marsden, clerk and director of the choir at St George`s, Everton,... more
    • William Matthews
      Sally Drage, Sun Jan 24 5:53pm
      Tranquility and Chatsworth were first published (if the title page is to be believed) in Thirty Hymn Tunes with Verses for the Pianoforte, Organ or Harmonium with Voice chiefly from the unpublished... more
    • William Matthews
      Ros Clements, Sun Jan 24 10:43am
      I have found the two tunes mentioned in a number of Methodist collections post 1820. Matthews' tune 'Chatsworth' appears in the Centenary Tune Book 1892, with no text suggested apart from 'Hymn 227'. ... more
      • Angels from the Realms
        David Welch, Sun Jan 24 2:06pm
        Thanks to Ros, I`ve had a look in our Sheffield books of Village Carols. There the familiar words of this 1816 carol are set to William Matthews` tune, probably its first. The comment about the tune, ... more
    • Is it HTI 16723?
      David Welch, Sat Jan 23 2:09pm
      There is a Tranquility in HTI, and a note says "disputed between Matthews and Marson". This tune was in Scotland 1820 and onwards, and I have a note from one of its occurrences saying Marson.
    • William Matthews
      Francis Roads, Sat Jan 23 10:17am
      I have edited three of Matthews' compositions: Hark the glad sound! the Saviour comes (Set piece with trumpet, flute and violin obbligati) Text: Doddridge Now I have found the ground wherein (Hymn... more
    • William Matthews
      Sally Drage, Sat Jan 23 8:27am
      Yes - I have. Sally
      • Re: William Matthews
        cbrowo, Sat Jan 23 8:43am
        Great. Have you come across tunes called Chatsworth and Tranquility? Chris
        • Matthews` tune Foundling is HTI 15324
          David Welch, Sat Jan 23 3:25pm
          HTI says W. Matthews was the composer of Foundling first published in 1815. This tune like Tranquility (see my reply above) also reached Scotland quickly, appearing in the 1823 Aberdeen Psalmody... more
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