David Welch
Tranquility (HTI 16723) maybe by Marsden
Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:03pm

In Bayley & Ferguson`s Old Scottish Psalm Tunes (1905) this Tranquility, HTI 16723 and LM extended, is said to be composed by Joseph Marsden, clerk and director of the choir at St George`s, Everton, Liverpool.

Probably the HTI mention of Marson as the disputed composer of 16723 is a wrong spelling of Marsden.

All the tunes named Tranquility that I have encountered in Scottish collections are this one, but Matthews` definite one could be here too.

  • William Matthews
    Sally Drage, Sun Jan 24 5:57pm
    PS The two HTI tunes called Tranquility aren't the Matthews one. Sally
    • Tranquility (HTI 16723) maybe by Marsden
      David Welch, Sun Jan 24 9:03pm
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