Tate and Brady metrical psalms
Fri Apr 1, 2016 5:54pm

Does anyone have any information about when (in general, it would have varied from parish to parish)the 'new' psalter of Tate and Brady went out of use in church services? I know that Hymns Ancient and Modern first appeared in 1861, ironically the same year that Thomas Hardy was given, by his mother, a copy of the Book of Common Prayer with Tate and Brady included. When did metrical psalms cease to be sung in the Anglican church?

    • Temperley has much information
      David Welch, Mon Apr 4 9:52am
      Tate & Brady would have gone out of use when a church began chanting canticles and prose psalms, and facts about the spread of chanting seem the best guide on the end of T & B. Much information about ... more
      • Re: Temperley has much information
        Anonymous, Tue Apr 5 7:55pm
        Chanting of Psalms An interesting book is 'The Choral Revival in the Anglican Church' by Bernarr [sic] Rainbow, Boydell Press, which charts the introduction of chanting the psalms quite well. I find... more
        • Chanting start dates
          David Welch, Wed Apr 6 5:25pm
          I agree, Anne, about the problems of generalising when we have to deal with churches ranging in size from those in large towns, small towns and villages. But it`s the churches that were large enough... more
    • Tate & Brady Psalms
      Ros Clements, Sat Apr 2 10:58am
      I have seen one example of an undated parish church music manuscript, from Hillfarance, near Taunton, in Somerset, in which many of the tunes have been copied (in short score) from 'Hymns Ancient &... more
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