Ros Clements
Tate & Brady Psalms
Sat Apr 2, 2016 10:58am

I have seen one example of an undated parish church music manuscript, from Hillfarance, near Taunton, in Somerset, in which many of the tunes have been copied (in short score) from 'Hymns Ancient & Modern' - probably 1861 / 1868, including the concluding 'Amens'. The relevant A&M Hymn number is written in the top right corner, with Mercer's Hymn Book (1859?) also being mentioned, or, where known, the composer. The texts underlaid are mainly from Tate & Brady's 'New Version'.
Of 142 items, approximately half the pieces are metrical tunes, the rest being single or double chants, some based on hymn tunes, for the reading palms and canticles.
The manuscript is held at the Somerset Record Office, with the reference number D/P/hillf 2/9/1. Unfortunately, there is no indication of the scribe, or any dates to help with the period of use.
I'm sorry that that this doesn't really answer your question, but it seems to me that in this particular rural parish, the New Version psalms were preferred as texts to use with the newly introduced Hymn Book, at least for a few years.

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    • Tate & Brady Psalms
      Ros Clements, Sat Apr 2 10:58am
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