Re: Temperley has much information
Tue Apr 5, 2016 7:55pm

Chanting of Psalms

An interesting book is 'The Choral Revival in the Anglican Church' by Bernarr [sic] Rainbow, Boydell Press, which charts the introduction of chanting the psalms quite well.

I find the main trouble about churh music is the division between City Churches (London, Leeds, Norwich etc) and villages. The small town of a popultion of say 7-10,000, such as the one I live in, is ignored. I suspect it would take a long study of local newspapers to make any real assessment of these places.


  • Temperley has much information
    David Welch, Mon Apr 4 9:52am
    Tate & Brady would have gone out of use when a church began chanting canticles and prose psalms, and facts about the spread of chanting seem the best guide on the end of T & B. Much information about ... more
    • Re: Temperley has much information
      Anonymous, Tue Apr 5 7:55pm
      • Chanting start dates
        David Welch, Wed Apr 6 5:25pm
        I agree, Anne, about the problems of generalising when we have to deal with churches ranging in size from those in large towns, small towns and villages. But it`s the churches that were large enough... more
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