David Welch
A possible help
Thu Aug 4, 2016 3:19pm

I have pasted out from "Ship of Fools":

""According to the index of metres in "Caneuon Ffydd"

Short metre 6686
Welsh short metre 6786
Common metre 8686
Psalm metre 8787
Long metre 8888""

So maybe your WM is 6786.

We have a Welsh tune book which has the metre names MB, MC, MS and MH (plus D endings for double). They are respectively in English SM, CM, 8787 and LM.

So perhaps also your WM could be 8787. Our book has a tune Dymuniad (MS) with composer`s name Hugh Jones and date 1772. It doesn`t seem to have reached HTI.

  • Early Welsh Tunes
    cbrowo, Tue Aug 2 9:50am
    I have been looking at a Welsh book from the 1790s. This is in two parts (neither the melody) and without words. Amongst lots of familiar English tunes there are Welsh ones. 1. On some of the Welsh... more
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      Nigel Ruddock, Fri Sep 15 2:35pm
      Hello, I sing Welsh carol material in 3 parts with a group of people in Cardiff. I'm also interested in researching historical performance styles. If you're still looking for help with these tunes... more
    • A possible help
      David Welch, Thu Aug 4 3:19pm
      • Welsh metre
        Sally Drage, Fri Aug 5 8:40pm
        There's a Welsh psalm metre (Mesur Salm) which is 8787 but with feminine endings to lines 2 and 4. Alan Luff - Welsh Hymns and Their Tunes (1990) gives 'The King of love my shepherd is' as an English ... more
        • Re: Welsh metre
          Anonymous, Sat Aug 6 8:50pm
          Thank you David, Finn and Sally You have given me a lot to think about. The Book is a manuscript. I will bring it next weekend. As far as deciding whether the tunes fit, for those of us with very... more
          • A fascinating book
            David Welch, Sun Aug 7 9:05am
            I look forward to seeing this fascinating volume next Saturday, especially the Scottish items. The 1790s seems early for American imports. As for the Welsh tunes, what a vast number there are in the... more
      • Welsh Tunes
        Fynn Titford-Mock, Thu Aug 4 10:28pm
        I'd gamble on WM standing for Welsh Metre - the common Welsh Psalm metre 8787 being the most likely candidate. Most of the tunes will be outside of HTI's current scope, which deals with "tunes... more
        • further
          Fynn Titford-Mock, Thu Aug 4 10:46pm
          Another couple of things available online that might be worth perusing: Hugh John Hughes' "Y Drysorfa gerddorol" of 1857 - an American publication of Welsh tunes, with a handy index of authors at the ... more
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