Thu Aug 4, 2016 10:46pm

Another couple of things available online that might be worth perusing:

Hugh John Hughes' "Y Drysorfa gerddorol" of 1857 - an American publication of Welsh tunes, with a handy index of authors at the back. https://archive.org/details/ydrysorfagerddor00hugh

This (c.1840?) manuscript of one David Davies is also interesting: https://archive.org/details/collectionofwels00davi (somewhat miscatalogued on Internet Archive)

Alan Luff's book "Welsh Hymns and Their Tunes" is not terribly helpful in certain respects, but it does seem that there were no significant Welsh publications of hymn tunes until after 1815.

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    Fynn Titford-Mock, Thu Aug 4 10:28pm
    I'd gamble on WM standing for Welsh Metre - the common Welsh Psalm metre 8787 being the most likely candidate. Most of the tunes will be outside of HTI's current scope, which deals with "tunes... more
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      Fynn Titford-Mock, Thu Aug 4 10:46pm
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