Re: Welsh metre
Sat Aug 6, 2016 8:50pm

Thank you David, Finn and Sally
You have given me a lot to think about.

The Book is a manuscript. I will bring it next weekend.
As far as deciding whether the tunes fit, for those of us with very limited musical knowledge it is very difficult without the tune.

The welsh tunes, as far as I can read them are shown below. They are dotted between a lot of other tunes, many recognisable as English, Scottish or American.

Page Title Metre Parts
54 Landifolio CM 2
55 Lanhowell CM 2
57 Lanwenog CM 2
66 Mongomery CM 2
67 Mydrim CM 2
117 Cardigan CM 2
17 Cardigan LM 2
56 Langinin LM 2
58 Lanedy LM 2
85 Rhydyceisiaid LM 2
98 Treby LM 2
78 Pontypool PM 2
124 Cambria PM 2
39 Glandive WM 2
86 Rhydwilim WM 2
101 Trevanian WM 2
Abarystwyth 1

  • Welsh metre
    Sally Drage, Fri Aug 5 8:40pm
    There's a Welsh psalm metre (Mesur Salm) which is 8787 but with feminine endings to lines 2 and 4. Alan Luff - Welsh Hymns and Their Tunes (1990) gives 'The King of love my shepherd is' as an English ... more
    • Re: Welsh metre
      Anonymous, Sat Aug 6 8:50pm
      • A fascinating book
        David Welch, Sun Aug 7 9:05am
        I look forward to seeing this fascinating volume next Saturday, especially the Scottish items. The 1790s seems early for American imports. As for the Welsh tunes, what a vast number there are in the... more
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