Francis Roads
Hymn parody
Sat Oct 8, 2016 10:22am

David Owen Norris wants to know if anybody can identify this hymn parody; who wrote it, and of which original is it a parody. This is the first of six verses; I can send the remainder to anyone who is interested.

Ye who have hearts aloud rejoice,
For Oligarchy trembles
Like boxes in a theatre
From shouts at Keans and Kembles.
Rejoice aloud ! rejoice aloud !
For the Oligarchs must fall
And the Christianized republic be
One universal all!

    • Perhaps a Chartist hymn
      David Welch, Sun Oct 9 6:30pm
      I wonder if this is a hymn produced for the Chartists c. 1840. However it isn`t one of the 16 in the recently "refound" National Chartist Hymn Book.
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