Re: Psalm Paraphrases
Mon Jan 9, 2017 12:03pm

Given that you are looking at Playford I assumed, possibly wrongly, that George Hay Drummond was not a possibility. I mention him here purely for completeness.

  • Psalm Paraphrases
    cbrowo, Mon Jan 9 11:58am
    I suspect that they are David Drummond of Hawthornden Roger Flexman 1708-1795
    • Roger Flexman
      Francis Roads, Tue Jan 10 8:25am
      As Divine Companion was published in 1701, I think I am looking for an earlier Flexman.
      • Suggestion on Drummond
        David Welch, Tue Jan 10 2:13pm
        Well now we know the two names appear in 1701, I can only proffer William Drummond of Hawthornden 1585-1649. His translation of St Ambrose`s 4th century hymn appears in RCH (No 4): O Trinity, O... more
        • Drummond
          Francis Roads, Wed Jan 11 9:25am
          Julian's Hymnology seems to confirm that it is William Drummond that we are looking at. There is a surprisingly wide variety of hymnodists and psalmodists represented in The Divine Companion. I... more
          • Drummond poems
            David Welch, Thu Jan 12 10:11am
            It seems Drummond mostly wrote on non-spiritual themes, but some poems with Christian content are in his Urania collection. Maybe you could find your Playford text in this, or via the indexes of... more
    • Re: Psalm Paraphrases
      cbrowo, Mon Jan 9 12:03pm
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