David Welch
Drummond poems
Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:11am

It seems Drummond mostly wrote on non-spiritual themes, but some poems with Christian content are in his Urania collection.

Maybe you could find your Playford text in this, or via the indexes of other of his publications. I also see that later in the C17 his poems were being published in London, but commentators have doubted that all the contents of these volumes were actually written by Drummond.

One candidate I have spotted in Urania starts:

Great God whom we with humble thoughts adore,
Eternal infinite almighty king,
Whose palace heaven transends, whose throne before
Archangels serve, and seraphims do sing.

  • Drummond
    Francis Roads, Wed Jan 11 9:25am
    Julian's Hymnology seems to confirm that it is William Drummond that we are looking at. There is a surprisingly wide variety of hymnodists and psalmodists represented in The Divine Companion. I... more
    • Drummond poems
      David Welch, Thu Jan 12 10:11am
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