Mixed psalm verses
Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:03pm

The subjoined text for Psalm 1 appears in Henry Playford's The Divine Companion (Edition 3, London 1707, page 1). Verse 1 is from Miles Smyth's paraphrases, and verses 2 and 4 are NV. The other verses I have not been able to identify. I have never come across such verse mixing before; has anyone else? And can you identify the other verses? The NV CM doxology is added; apparently to no purpose, as the setting is DCM.

1.Blest is the man that walks not where
Ungodly counsels guide;
Nor stands in sinful ways, nor sits
With those who God deride:
2.But makes the perfect law of God
His business and delight;
Devoutly reads therein by day,
And meditates by night.
3.He like a tree by rivers fed
With timely fruit shall bend,
His leaf shall flourish, and success
All his designs attend.
4.Ungodly men and their attempts
No lasting root shall find,
Untimely blasted and dispersed,
Like chaff before the wind.
5.The wicked therefore shall not stand
Before their Judge's face;
Nor hypocrites, who passed for saints,
Among the just have place.
6.God knows the ways of righteous men,
To happiness they tend:
But sinners, and their vain designs,
Shall both in ruin end.

    • Mixed psalm verses
      Edmund Gooch, Wed Feb 15 12:24pm
      Francis, Verses 2-6 are all NV, but it's a 1696 text of the NV (as shown at https://archive.org/stream/newversal00brad#page/3/mode/1up ), rather than one including some of the textual variants which... more
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