Edmund Gooch
Mixed psalm verses
Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:24pm

Verses 2-6 are all NV, but it's a 1696 text of the NV (as shown at https://archive.org/stream/newversal00brad#page/3/mode/1up), rather than one including some of the textual variants which later became more commonly used.

I can't bring to mind any other examples of 'mixing' verses from different metrical versions in the way Smyth and NV are combined here.


  • Mixed psalm verses
    Francis Roads, Tue Feb 14 5:03pm
    The subjoined text for Psalm 1 appears in Henry Playford's The Divine Companion (Edition 3, London 1707, page 1). Verse 1 is from Miles Smyth's paraphrases, and verses 2 and 4 are NV. The other... more
    • Mixed psalm verses
      Edmund Gooch, Wed Feb 15 12:24pm
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