Chobham Church Singers
Sun Apr 2, 2017 9:03am

In the Churchwardens' Accounts for the parish, the ringers were paid for bell-ringing on May 29th (Oak Apple Day) and Nov 5th (or "Gunpowder Treason") with varying amounts of beer; on 29th May, 1681 this was described as a 'kilderkin' (16 - 18 Gallons) at The Bull, costing 7s.6d. The last reference to this payment appears to be in 1772.
In 1773, two farmers (?) are paid for 2 bushels of malt and a pound of hops for the singers. Presumably they would know where the beer could be specially brewed for them.
This practice continues up to 1780 (the end of this particular account book),and on May 1779 a payment "for musick going round two days" 2.50
A later set of accounts of the church 'alteration' in 1865-9, mentions the removal of the southern gallery in the nave ("erected in 1822 without a faculty"), and the question of pew-owner's permission to remove the front seats in the organ galley.

A Henry Bartholomew appears in the 1760-77 accounts as a parish rate payer, and once as an overseer of the rate; his surname is spelt in various ways, but in these particular papers, usually BARTHOLOMEW.

I'd be interested to know what material the psalter contains; Surrey History Centre holds one manuscript music book from St. James, Shere, and a two books of printed music from Holy Trinity, Guildford.

Please contact me if I can help with further information as I find it about this subject - the church history warrants further work.

  • Chobham, Surrey quire 1770
    C Shirley, Tue Mar 21 5:31pm
    I have ancestors from Chobham in Surrey and have a psalter dated 1770. I wondered if there are lists or mentions of Chobham quires, perhaps including the surnames Nesmyth and Bartholmew (without the... more
    • Chobham Church Singers
      Ros Clements, Sun Apr 2 9:03am
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