Jonathan Stanyon
Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:42pm

I just wondered if anyone had come across a chap called Tymperly. I came across two pieces, one called 'Tymperly' and the other 'Tymperly's Farewell' These are included in 'The Wesleyan Psalmist' (held at Epworth Old Rectory), with arrangements by Edward Booth of Leeds and printed in London. No date is given but judging by the layout I would guess any time from around 1840 to 1860.

I am particularly intrigued because one of the above pieces, here just called 'Tymperly' appears in the American Shape Note book 'The Methodist Harmonist' (New York 1833), which contains mainly English tunes. In this publication it is called 'Belper'. Amber Valley Quire meets as close as you can get to Belper without actually tripping over the place, so I am trying to see if there is any local connection here.

Thank you in advance


    • Tymperly
      Tim Henderson, Thu Apr 20 10:34am
      It doesn't help much with your question, but idly typing Tymperly's Farewell into google books, brought up this damning review of a collection in which it appears. And judging from the company it... more
      • Timperly
        Anne Willis, Thu Apr 20 11:51am
        I am sorry the review despises Avison, but I suppose that's fashion for you. I am interested in the reference to the'old Surrey Chapel Music'. Does a copy of this survive? I ask because my current... more
        • Surr(e)y Chapel Music
          Tim Henderson, Thu Apr 20 6:05pm
          Indeed printed copies of the Surrey Chapel Music do survive. For example the British Library has Title: A Collection of Hymn Tunes ... composed for the use of Surr[e]y Chapel by Dr. Arnold, Messrs.... more
        • Re: Timperly
          Anonymous, Thu Apr 20 12:28pm
          Anne: Having ancestors who grew and sold rhubarb and this variety, I can`t resist chipping in again. I think the rhubarb name comes from the Cheshire village which had many market gardens:... more
          • Surrey Chapel/Rhubarb
            Anne Willis, Fri Apr 21 10:41am
            Thanks for the replies on these, and the fascinating web link. Does anyone know of any names of those who sang in the Surrey Chapel choir? I seem to remember reading that the father of the organ... more
            • Re: Surrey Chapel/Rhubarb
              Anonymous, Sat Apr 22 11:13am
              I had always thought from the pictures and descriptions of Surrey Chapel that there was no separate choir and the congregation joined in all the musical items in services... more
          • Forgot to give my name
            David Welch, Thu Apr 20 12:30pm
            I slipped up on the above message.
    • It`s in the Hymn Tune Index
      David Welch, Thu Apr 20 8:57am
      Hello Jonathan, If you go into HTI and put Tymperley into the composer box, you`ll find your two tunes. They are 9952 and 10088. And Nicholas has commented that they have no connection to himself... more
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