Anne Willis
Surrey Chapel/Rhubarb
Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:41am

Thanks for the replies on these, and the fascinating web link.

Does anyone know of any names of those who sang in the Surrey Chapel choir? I seem to remember reading that the father of the organ builder Henry Willis I ('Father' Willis)sang there, but I can't trace it.

Anne (no relation to the Willis organ builders as far as I know)

  • Re: Timperly
    Anonymous, Thu Apr 20 12:28pm
    Anne: Having ancestors who grew and sold rhubarb and this variety, I can`t resist chipping in again. I think the rhubarb name comes from the Cheshire village which had many market gardens:... more
    • Surrey Chapel/Rhubarb
      Anne Willis, Fri Apr 21 10:41am
      • Re: Surrey Chapel/Rhubarb
        Anonymous, Sat Apr 22 11:13am
        I had always thought from the pictures and descriptions of Surrey Chapel that there was no separate choir and the congregation joined in all the musical items in services... more
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