Trying to contact Mike & Charlotte Bailey
Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:40pm

I am trying to contact Mike/Charlotte Bailey to enquire about ordering a copy of Good Singing Still
The email link on the publications page doesn't work for me.
I have tried the listed phone number (01962 7133992) but a female voice informed me this was a wrong number.
I hesitate to write to their address in case they have moved.
Could Mike, Charlotte or anyone else who has knowledge of them please contact me by email to confirm how I can order a copy of the book ?

    • Re: Trying to contact Mike & Charlotte Bailey
      Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 10:25am
      Hello Sue, You were unlucky twice. Try this email or phone 01962 713392 (only one 9 near the end.) If you send me your postal address, I will send the book and you can pay when... more
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