Charlotte Tune
Mon Mar 5, 2018 12:07pm

I am trying to identify a tune whose Temperley code is 13167 11232 17655. In the HTI this refers me to Tune #4713, which is Edward Harwood's tune Liverpool, and has a totally different Tune Code. Charlotte tune is SM, in C, and in Common Time, and sets James Montgomery's hymn "Sow in the morn thy seed". It is on page 54 of Clarence Hudson's Oldham Psalmody.

    • The Charlotte name
      David Welch, Tue Mar 6 9:21am
      I`ve just had a look in Anne Bronte`s Song Book to see if this is the origin of the Charlotte name, but alas I didn`t copy all the pages, so I can`t say. Being that this Liverpool tune in the Oldham... more
    • Re: Charlotte Tune
      Anonymous, Tue Mar 6 8:41am
      Francis, The tune incipit you quoted (13167 11232 17655) matches the Tenor part of Edward Harwood's Liverpool (tune number 4713), whereas the encoded version of Liverpool shown by searching for this... more
      • Re: Charlotte tune
        Edmund Gooch, Tue Mar 6 8:43am
        Apologies for 'anonymous' posting - last message was from me.
    • Charlotte tune
      Ros Clements, Tue Mar 6 8:12am
      This looks like an error somewhere in the HTI system, and it would be worth alerting the experts to see if it can be corrected. There are several tunes named 'Charlotte' listed in the index, but none ... more
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