Edwin Macadam
Psalmody Website
Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:17am

It would appear from the Internet Archive site that several of the pages have already been copied, but by whom is not recorded. The main pages are available, but links to such things as midi files and .pdfs don't work. Only a few of the 'Who was Who' pages are available, B and H being only a couple of what used to be there, and several of the articles are still available.

It may be that newer publications have taken over from the simplicity of access to basic details, but to have all these summaries and synopses together in one place was a definite benefit to researchers. Not everyone can afford subscriptions to professional journals, etc.

Intellectual property rights of course do have a part in all this, but Sue, in abandoning the site, may already have taken the matter into account. What is being offered for sale may only be a name, or a shell of a site, but quite possibly everything still resides on her computer. Perhaps Sue needs to be approached direct?

  • Psalmody Website
    timhenderson, Tue Apr 16 9:05am
    Thanks for reminding me about the www.psalmody.co.uk website. It was the midi files from East's Voice of Melody from the site that first introduced me to West Gallery Music. The Internet Archive has... more
    • Psalmody Website
      Edwin Macadam, Tue Apr 16 11:17am
      • Psalmody Website
        Tim Henderson, Tue Apr 16 12:44pm
        Yes, the Internet Archive is patchy, but attempting to click back to earlier captures of the website has enabled me to find the midi file for East61 (? Everet's Psalm 61)at... more
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