Tim Henderson
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Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:44pm

Yes, the Internet Archive is patchy, but attempting to click back to earlier captures of the website has enabled me to find the midi file for East61 (? Everet's Psalm 61)at


with the testimonial description

"Psalm 61 (SM; attributed to John Everet): midi file
Of this tune Temperley and Mann write (1983, p. 15; index no. 868) :
One of the most remarkable [of the more elaborate fuging tunes in East's publications] is Everet's tune 868. It has several contrasting sections, four out of five of them fuging; many 'choosing notes' (the alto part often divides); and some beautiful suggestions of sixteenth-century harmony.



and the biography page for E (for Everet) still existed at


It's a bit hit and miss , but there's a lot of good stuff there and you are right to seek to put it on a firmer foundation.

  • Psalmody Website
    Edwin Macadam, Tue Apr 16 11:17am
    It would appear from the Internet Archive site that several of the pages have already been copied, but by whom is not recorded. The main pages are available, but links to such things as midi files... more
    • Psalmody Website
      Tim Henderson, Tue Apr 16 12:44pm
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